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Furrytail® Cat Food Storage Bin 6L

Furrytail® Cat Food Storage Bin 6L

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Often find yourself looking for the right storage bin for your cat’s favorite goodies? Or are you just looking for a nice-looking storage container where you can keep your beloved cat’s accessories and other fun stuff they play around with? Now you won’t have to go looking as the Furrytail Cat Food Storage Bin is what you have been searching for!

Get additional storage space where you can place all of your cat’s belongings making it much easier for you to look for them! These are the amazing features that you will get when you take home this product:

  • CAN STORE VARIOUS ITEMS which makes it convenient for you! Store your pet's favorite cat food and snacks making it easy for you for feed them during mealtime. You can also store their toys so that you can just take these storage bins during playtime or keep their clothes and accessories ready for you to use when it is time to go out.
  • COMES WITH A LARGE STORAGE SPACE that provides lots of room and repository for different items so that you won’t have to worry about where to place all your pet’s belongings. This way, you won’t have to buy lots of small storage compartments just to keep all of your kitty’s items
  • MADE FROM PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL, they are designed to be durable and long-lasting so that you won’t need to worry about getting a new storage bin because these are here to stay.
  • AVAILABLE IN PASTEL COLORS that will truly make your day brighter! You will love the light colors available on these storage bins as they will easily match your home interior! Place them inside your living room area or even your kitchen and it will blend well with the surrounding.
  • WITH ITS SECURE, LOCKING MECHANISM, your pet won’t easily open the lid ensuring that the items you stored inside the container stay there. This way, you won’t have to worry about leaving your pet's home while you go to work or run an errand as this storage bin won't easily be unlocked.

What are you waiting for? Organize your pet’s food, snacks, and even all of their toys and accessories and make it much easier for you to locate them! Decorate your space using these adorable cat storage bins now by clicking on the “Add to Cart” button today!

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  • When placing orders for the Ciao snacks and can food. If we ran out of the flavours you picked out we will replace it with the most similar flavours and products available.

  • Due to the large carton size of the cat trees and other large dimension products, there will be an extra $80 for shipping to those states to cover postage costs.

    Due to the size and nature of the Cat Tree P.O. Box is not available.