PETKIT Automatic Program Pet Feeder Food Dispenser For Pets Smart Elements- Mini

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PETKIT Automatic ProgramPet Feeder Food Dispenser For Cats & Dogs Dogs- Mini

Fresh Element mini Smart Pet Feeder


Small but smart: The mini feeder is only 0.017m3 equivalent to approximately 5 packs of tissue but can store 2.8L cat food. (Normally, an adult cat needs 2.8L cat food every half month.)

Scientific feeding on App: The PETKIT App can give you a scientific feeding method or add extral meals as you required.

Lock fresh and delicious: The lid and the food dispenser door are wrapped with silicone sealing ring, and there is a desiccant pack for freshness.

Easy taking apart and cleaning: Easily detach or attach, so every part of the equipment can be disassembled and cleaned.

Dimension: 31.8*31.9*17cm

Weight: 2.2kg

Capacity: 2.8L

Material: HPS