PetsBuddy GoatsMilk Formulated Guinea Pig Replacement

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Mix 5g (1 level scoop) of PETSBUDDY FORMULATED GUINEA PIG REPLACEMENT with 30ml of pre-boiled warm water, to achieve a total volume of 32ml. Initially feed from a syringe or bottle and teat. Pups are born well-de­veloped and may be encouraged to lap from an early age. Feed every 2-3 hours for the first 5 days, reducing this to every 4-6 hours as pups get older. Toilet pups manually during the first week of life. dehydration, always provide access to safe drinking water. Birth weight is usually around 60-110g. Body weight may be stable for the first couple of days, but should increase by around 3-7g per day thereafter. Weigh pups regularly to verify growth rate and determine feed volumes. Overfeeding can cause diarrhoea, so feed the suggested amounts in the feeding guide. Pups may begin to show interest in solid food at around 2-3 days of age. Establish young guinea pigs on hay, green leafy vegetables and some pellets. Continue to increase solids and reduce milk intake until they are fully weaned at around 21 days.  *If necessary, please consult your veterinarian for additional advice.