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Catz Finefood Cat Food Herring & Shrimps Easter Value Pack 200g x 12

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Celebrate Easter with our exclusive Feline Feast Value Pack! This special assortment contains a selection of 16 delectable flavors, designed to cater to your cat's discerning palate. As a festive treat, we're offering a random selection of 12 flavors from our gourmet range, ensuring that each Value Pack is a cornucopia of surprises.

Here's what makes our Value Pack a must-have this Easter:

  • Diverse Flavors: From classic chicken and fish to exotic blends, each can is a new adventure for your cat.
  • Premium Quality: Made with the finest ingredients, our cat food is free from artificial additives, promoting a natural and healthy diet.
  • Nutritionally Complete: Every can is formulated to provide a balanced diet, rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals for cats of all life stages.
  • Tailored for Kittens and Adults: Our range includes options for both growing kittens and mature cats, ensuring proper nutrition for every age.
  • Ethical Promise: We stand against animal testing and are committed to sustainability and kindness towards all creatures.

In the spirit of Easter fun, the exact mix of flavors will remain a secret until you open your Value Pack—guaranteeing a delightful surprise with every can. Pamper your cat with our Feline Feast Value Pack, where health meets taste in a celebration of joy!

For an additional AUD 15.00 purchase this value pack and receive a bowl originally priced at AUD 99.99.

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Catz Finefood Cat Food Herring & Shrimps Easter Value Pack 200g x 12


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