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Hanging Self-excited Retractable Catnip Swing Cat Toy

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The retractable cord allows the toy to move freely, mimicking the movement of prey and enticing the cat to play. As the cat plays with the toy, the swinging motion of the cord generates a self-exciting effect, making the toy more attractive and fun to play with. The catnip filling also adds to the allure of the toy, as cats are naturally attracted to the scent of this herb.


  1. With its adhesive hook design, this hanging cat toy can be effortlessly installed on a doorknob, door, or wall.

  2. This hanging cat toy boasts an adjustable buckle, allowing you to easily customize the rope length to your preferences. The 200cm high elasticity rope enables the toy to swing freely at the bottom.

  3. Crafted from high-quality nylon material, this toy is both soft and comfortable for your cat to use.

  4. Designed for your beloved feline, this toy efficiently relieves your cat's stress and promotes happiness.

Material: nylon, catnip

Length: 200cm

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Hanging Self-excited Retractable Catnip Swing Cat Toy


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