HONEYPOT CAT® Cat Wheel Cat Exercise Treadmill Detachable Carpet S/M/L Size

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Item Description:


  • Silent wheel
  • Smooth running
  • Removable running carpet
  • Removable sisal blanket
  • Designed for indoor use
  • Flat packing for easy transportation
  • Simple self assembly instructions
  • Accessories included
  • Instruction manual included

A soft, dense and thick running carpet can effectively cushion and care for the cat's joints and small paws; long-term running will inevitably bring about greater wear and tear, and replaceable carpets can solve the worries of the future; the carpet is wrapped around, not easy to fall off, and is strong and beautiful. The quilt surface uses a grid structure to make the runway firm and flat; the Velcro fits for easy disassembly.

The outer ring of the runner is fitted with a high-density sisal blanket, which is convenient for cats to sharpen their claws daily. The back is fixed with Velcro for easy replacement in the future.



Brand: Honeypot

Type: Cat Running Wheel

Overall dimension of product:78(H) x50(W) cm x30(D) cm
Dimension of package: 62x29x62cm
Weight of package: 24.2kg

Overall dimension of product:92(H) x60(W) cm x33(D) cm
Dimension of package: 77x29x77cm
Weight of package: 25.2kg

Overall dimension of product:120(H) x80(W) cm x40(D) cm
Dimension of package: 102x32x102cm
Weight of package: 26.2kg