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  • Sku: CI606EWD
  • Vendor: IRIS

IRIS Pet Fence #CI606EWD

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Introducing the Iris Pet Fence – a versatile solution designed for your pet's safety and your convenience. With multiple combinations, this fence can be expanded to meet your specific space requirements. The anti-slip design, featuring anti-slip pads at the bottom, ensures stability, preventing unintended movement.

Widened and thickened for enhanced safety, the frame and fence are meticulously designed for stable links, preventing deformation over time. Crafted entirely from environmentally friendly resin, this fence is not only safe for your pet but also easy to clean, providing optimal care.

Installation is a breeze with a tool-free assembly process – the fences snap together effortlessly. Stabilizing poles are included for outdoor use, ensuring a secure boundary for your pet. When not in use, the fence is easy to store, disassemble, and can be conveniently placed in a gap.

Elevate your pet's living space with the Iris Pet Fence – a blend of safety, stability, and simplicity that brings peace of mind to both you and your beloved pet.



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IRIS Pet Fence #CI606EWD

$129.00 AUD

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