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  • Sku: MAY-CLB-1
  • Vendor: MAYITWILL

Large Open Cat Toilet High Side Container Cat Litter Box With Scoop

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Product description

  1. The container cat litter box uses high-quality food-grade PP, and the extra-large size 55*55*36cm is a luxurious cat toilet specially designed for large cats. The weight of the pot is 3.6kg, which is not easy to move and not easy to damage.
  2. The 36cm high wall of the cat litter box protects privacy, gives cats a sense of security, and prevents cat litter from splashing.
  3. The double-layer basin wall design is convenient for storage, and can be stacked and packed to reduce transportation costs.

Designed for large cats: open design allows cats to turn around

Luxurious bathroom: 360-degree turning without dead ends, not afraid of insufficient space

Super high fence: protection of privacy, more sense of security, anti-splash

Easy to use and clean: smooth inner wall

Independent cat litter shovel: convenient storage, good-looking and better to use

High-value cat litter mat: PVC wire ring, clean and tidy, affordable and practical

Double-layer basin wall: not easy to move, cats can plan sand freely

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Large Open Cat Toilet High Side Container Cat Litter Box With Scoop


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