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LUUKS UP Dual-Use Big Cabin Cat Litter Box & Kitty House

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The "Dual-Use Cabin Cat Litter Box & Kitty House" – a versatile solution that serves both as a litter box and a cozy hideaway for your feline friend. This thoughtfully designed item offers convenience, cleanliness, and a touch of nature's freshness.

Key features include:

  • Two-in-One Functionality: Easily switch between a litter box and a cat house, depending on your and your pet's needs, providing a private space for your cat to take care of business or to relax.

  • Stacked Structure: The upper and lower compartment design makes it effortless to scoop and maintain the litter. The litter area is easily accessible, reducing the hassle during cleaning times.

  • Step Ladder Platform: The attached staircase not only aids your cat in entering and exiting but also serves as a litter-trapping mechanism. As your cat walks out, excess litter falls away, minimizing the spread of granules outside the box.

  • Built-in Bamboo Charcoal Filter: The lid comes with an integrated bamboo charcoal filter that naturally neutralizes odors, keeping the surrounding area smelling fresh.

  • Vibrant and Lively Colors: The product is available in fresh, vibrant colors that infuse life and energy into any room.

Elevate your cat’s litter experience with the "Dual-Use Cabin Cat Litter Box & Kitty House," combining practicality with a breath of fresh air for your home's aesthetics.

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LUUKS UP Dual-Use Big Cabin Cat Litter Box & Kitty House


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