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Mahjong Cat Scratcher Box

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This innovative cat scratcher box not only satisfies your cat's natural instinct to scratch but also doubles as a cozy bed with a charming design inspired by Mahjong tiles.

Key Features:

  1. Dual Functionality: This cat scratcher box seamlessly combines the benefits of a scratching post with the comfort of a bed. It serves as a dedicated space for your cat to indulge in scratching while providing a cozy spot for relaxation and rest.

  2. Durable Construction: Crafted with high-quality corrugated paper, this scratcher box is designed to withstand the toughest scratching sessions. The durable material ensures long-lasting use and encourages healthy scratching behavior in your cat.

  3. Comfortable Retreat: The Mahjong Cat Scratcher Box isn't just about scratching; it also offers a snug and comfortable space for your cat to curl up and take a catnap. The thoughtful design considers your cat's need for a cozy retreat.

  4. Charming Mahjong Design: Inspired by the iconic Mahjong tiles, the box features a playful and eye-catching design. Add a touch of cultural flair to your home while providing your cat with an engaging and attractive scratching solution.

  5. Perfect Size: With dimensions of 37x25x16cm, this cat scratcher box is the ideal size for most cats. It provides ample space for scratching, lounging, and playing, making it suitable for cats of various breeds and sizes.

Invest in the Mahjong Cat Scratcher Box to enhance your cat's environment with a functional and stylish accessory. From satisfying their scratching instincts to offering a comfortable retreat, this scratcher box is a must-have for both you and your feline companion.

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Mahjong Cat Scratcher Box

$14.70 AUD

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