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Petio Flea and Mite Remover Spray for Cat 200ml

Petio Flea and Mite Remover Spray for Cat 200ml

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Petio Flea and Mite Remover Spray can total removal from pet's body to bedding and other environments. Since it is an aerosol type, it is sprayed evenly. The effect lasts about one month with one use. \nGeneral Caution: Do not use this product for anything other than a dog bed or dogs. Warnings for users: Wear rubber gloves, etc. Wash thoroughly with soap after applying the chemical to your hand or skin or after use. Consult a physician if you are experiencing abnormalities such as rashes, itches, etc. The active ingredient of this product will remain on the sprayed dog's coat and bed for a long time, so be careful to protect the usage and dosage. Caution for Dogs: Please do not use for dogs under 5 months, dogs less than 4.4 lbs (2 kg), pregnancy and nursing, dogs with allergies, dogs with injuries, or dogs with physical condition. Side effects: Stop using if skin irritation, rash, allergy symptoms, etc., within a few days after spraying, and immediately consult a veterinarian \n


\nSize: 5x5x19cm \nWeight: 175g \nIngredients: phenothrin, dl · d - T - 80 - allethrin, pyriproxyfen
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