Petio Zuttone Disposable Paper Diaper Nappy

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  • High-performance polymer absorbs urine instantly
  • Prevents leakage
  • Prevents mess in the home
  • Waist adjustment tape for easy fitment

Package Include:

  • Petio Zuttone Disposable Paper Diaper Nappy

Petio Zuttone Disposable Paper Diaper Nappy has high performance polymer instantaneously absorbs urine. It prevents leakage with elastic band and side guard. Easy fit tail hole. Different sizes available,


  Size Waist size Weight Include
S 8x14x23cm 30-46cm 0.15kg 20pcs
M 9x14x23cm 32-48cm 0.42kg 20pcs
L 10x14x28cm 36-54cm 0.5kg 16pcs
XL 11x14x23cm 38-58cm 0.5kg 12pcs
XXL 15x11x27cm 40-64cm 0.52kg 12pcs

Material: Polymer Absorber, Pulp, Non-woven Polypropylene, Polyethulene