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PETKIT® Eversweet 3- Smart Drinking Fountain- 1.35L

PETKIT® Eversweet 3- Smart Drinking Fountain- 1.35L

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PETKIT Eversweet 3- xSecure Smart Drinking Fountain, 

Cat & Dog Water Dispenser - 1.35L


Stainless Steel, 1.35L/46oz Smart Pet Water Fountain Cat Water Dispenser, LED Light Embedded, Ultra-Quiet Pump, Back-up Battery Solution Water Drinking Fountain Bowl for Cats & Dogs

Material: ABS, SUS304, TRITAN TM
Size: 19.5*19.5*15.5cm

Capacity: 1.35L For cats and small dogs

The PETKIT Automatic cat watering fountain features a design with three water flow settings. 1.35L water capacity, can be used for a month, no need to replenish frequently. It can meet the needs of cats, dogs, birds, hamsters and other pets, not only a water fountain, but a natural bird bath and a funny pet toy. The pump keeps the water circulating through the filter cotton, blocking hair and debris, softening water, removing bad smells of water, allowing pets to enjoy fresh, filtered water every day, making them love drinking water. The mute motor can minimize the water sound. You can put it in the kitchen, living room, or even bedroom, with no disturbance to you and your pet. It’s a custom-made professional water fountain for your cute and furry friends.

1. the pet fountain only takes a few minutes to set up. Disassembling for cleaning and maintenance is easy. BPA free cat fountain is safe for your pets.
2. .SUS304 food-grade stainless steel material is safer and securer
3. Multiple purification system effectively reduces calcium and magnesium ions, impurities, residual chlorine, heavy metals etc to improve the taste of water
4. 360° multi-directional streams aerate the water for added oxygen and freshness. A source of running water encourages pets to drink more rather than still water. Hydration helps prevent your pet from urinary and kidney diseases
5. Filter element reminder and water-shortage alert ensure stopping pump in case of water shortage and resuming water filling
6. Silent system, water storage tray, Roman column diversion and 5V low-pressure silent pump
7. The split design is convenient for cleaning and adding water

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