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PIDAN Original Bentonite Cat Litter - 6KG/Bag

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Product description

Discover a unique blend of convenience and quality with Pidan Original Bentonite Cat Litter, crafted for exceptional odor control and easy maintenance to make pet parenting simpler and cleaner.

  • Made from premium bentonite clay for superior absorbency
  • Natural, non-toxic properties ensure safety for both pets and families
  • Quick clumping action in 3 seconds for hassle-free waste removal
  • Environmentally conscious choice with lower ecological impact compared to other litters
  • Built-in odor neutralization with activated charcoal
  • Innovative 99% dust reduction technology for a spotless litter area
  • Free from added fragrances, suitable for cats with sensitive noses
  • Biodegradable elements making disposal easy and eco-friendly
  • Material: 100% Natural sodium bentonite and activated charcoal
  • Clumping Speed: Forms strong clumps within 3 seconds
  • Texture: Fine, soft granules for your cats comfort
Pet Suitability & Product Care
  • Perfect for felines of any life stage, breed, or size
  • Multi-cat formula for those with more than one furry friend
  • Regular clump removal recommended for continuous freshness
About the Brand

Driven by a mission to redefine pet care, Pidan presents a groundbreaking range of pet products that combine elegance, sustainability, and exceptional performance. Their inventive Original Bentonite Cat Litter reflects a profound commitment to providing products that are not only aesthetic but also contribute to a healthier, more sustainable world for pets and pet parents alike.

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PIDAN Original Bentonite Cat Litter - 6KG/Bag

$17.49 AUD

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