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Pre-order Gift: Australia Limited Edition Bowl

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Receive our limited edition mini bowl as a pre-order gift! To express our gratitude for supporting the HONEYPOTCAT brand, simply pre-order the cat tree with SKU: 172501 or SKU: 2501pro, and you'll get a free limited edition mini bowl from the BRIDGE.DOG brand, specially imported from Australia.

Important Notes:

  1. To qualify for the free gift, please make sure to select the pre-order of the cat tree with SKU: 172501 or SKU: 2501pro from the HONEYPOTCAT brand. This special offer is only available for these specific cat tree models.
  2. You can leave a message during checkout to specify which type of mini bowl you prefer to receive. However, due to the limited edition nature, if your specified type is out of stock, we will randomly select one type to ship along with your pre-ordered cat tree.
  3. Please note that this is a pre-order gift, so kindly avoid placing a separate order for payment directly on this product page.


Act now and pre-order your cat tree to claim this precious limited edition mini bowl from Australia! Limited quantities available, don't miss this opportunity!

Introducing Bridge Dog: High-End Pet Supplies

BRIDGE.DOG aims at high-end pet lovers, who are looking for premium quality and absolutely stunning pet food bowls. The entire range is imported from Korea and handmade.

BRIDGE.DOG manufactures products that are harmless to animals and designed from the perspective of pets. Craftsmen, and visual and space designers in collaboration have been engaged in development and launch of Bridge.Dog products.


  • Made with premium clay and High-grade glaze.
  • Can be used for feeding or drinking
  • Baked at 1250 degrees for a firm and strong product.
  • No harmful ingredients are used in the making. (Tested by Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering & Technology).
  • Saliva and slime won't stick easily due to the material used
  • Excellent for wet/canned food or for light snacks too!
  • Designed and made in Korea.
  • Korea's high-quality handcrafted product.

Direction for Use:

  • Use it as your pet’s food bowl.
  • Always keep the pet bowl clean and dry.
  • Put in a safe place where your furry pet feed.
  • Use plain water and wash if it's contaminated by the newspaper or coloured papers
  • Use a soft sponge and gently wash it.
  • Do not use sharp abrasive cleaning products such as steel wool pads, to prevent scratches
  • Safe for microwave, oven, and dishwasher. No grill, please!


Premium Ceramic and Glazed.

Every BRIDGE.DOG bowl comes with a Genuine Product Certification Card. Authenticity can be verified by the "HiddenTag" official app.

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Pre-order Gift: Australia Limited Edition Bowl

$99.99 AUD

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