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  • Vendor: Rosewood

Rosewood BioSafe Germ Smart Dog Toy Watermelon

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Germ smart dog toy. BioCote protected. A more hygienic toy for your pet and your family.

BioCote is an antimicrobial technology.

Massages gums and reduces plaque and tartar build up, constructed out of tough yet soft plastics, is treated with a zesty fruit scent and even floats too! The cavity of the watermelon can also be filled with water and placed in the freezer for added play value.

An antimicrobial is something which prevents the growth and survival of microbes including bacteria, mould and fungi.

Lower levels of bacteria means improved hygiene, reductions in staining and odours and premature degradation of materials.

BioCote technology will therefore make this product more hygienic, keep it fresher for longer and extend the usable lifetime of this product.

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Rosewood BioSafe Germ Smart Dog Toy Watermelon

$24.99 AUD

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