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SupermarCat Eco Cereal Cat Litter Biodegradable 6L

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💫 Unbelievable Absorption

🎯 Supreme Clumping

🌍 Eco-Friendly & Convenient

🌬️ Advanced Dust Removal

🚽 Toilet Flushable

🌽 Cereal Cat Litter

🌿 Unscented for a Pure Natural Experience

💫 Unbelievable Absorption: Within just 2 seconds, our Supermarcat litter forms an inverted triangle, significantly reducing clumping waste and preventing the bottom from sticking. No more power washing the tray weekly - just a quick cleanup whenever needed. 💪

🎯 Supreme Clumping: The unique 1.5mm particle litter provides swift clumping in just 3 seconds. It expertly locks in odor and eradicates up to 96.6% of ammonia. No more stinky litter boxes - enjoy a fresher, cleaner home. 🌸

🌍 Eco-Friendly & Toilet Flushable: Made from water-soluble materials like straw fiber, rice husks fiber, pea fiber, corn starch, and food-grade guar gum, Supermarcat litter can be conveniently flushed down the toilet for hassle-free scooping and cat care that's kinder to the Earth. 🌳

🌬️ Advanced Dust Control: Our meticulous four-step dust removal process dramatically reduces dust during scooping, safeguarding both owners and pets from potential allergies. The result is the least messy litter experience you'll ever have. 👏

🐾 Pamper Your Cat with Supermarcat Cereal Cat Litter: More than just a product, it's a commitment to a cleaner, fresher, and healthier lifestyle for your feline friend. Choose Supermarcat and elevate your cat litter experience. Your cats will love it and so will you! 😻

💡 How to Use SupermarCat Cereal Cat Litter:

1️⃣ Distribute litter across the tray, aiming for a depth of about 5-7cm.

2️⃣ Carefully remove clumps and solids as needed. The water-soluble clumping can be conveniently disposed of in the toilet. 🚽

3️⃣ Replenish your litter tray with Supermarcat cereal cat litter to maintain the desired level.

SupermarCat - making cat care simpler, greener, and more enjoyable! 🍃🐱

Dimensions: 26*8*20cm
Weight: 2.5kg
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SupermarCat Eco Cereal Cat Litter Biodegradable 6L


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