From Palace Mysteries to Paw trace: The Royal Journey to Organic Nutrition

From Palace Mysteries to Paw trace: The Royal Journey to Organic Nutrition

The recent buzz and widespread speculation about Princess Kate Middleton's unexpected retreat from public appearances, rumored to be due to an abdominal surgery at Kensington Palace, have gripped global audiences' attention. Much like a storyline straight out of a historical novel, the intrigue within the walls of the palace has everyone talking. Yet, amidst the swirling rumours and royal engagements, there lies a less discussed, but equally full of curiosity of royal life: the British Royal Family's deep-seated love for their pets.

Amidst the mystery of Kate Middleton's recent absence from public view, the royal family's enduring traditions continue to thrive. Among these, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince William and Kate, honor a long-standing royal practice of dog ownership. Embracing this heritage, they have welcomed into their family a black Cocker Spaniel named Lupo. This move not only reflects their love for pets but also connects them with a wider tradition that spans generations within the British Royal Family.

In the heartwarming world of royal pets, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge's household holds a special member that has captured Princess Charlotte's affection. Their cherished pet hamster, adored by Charlotte for the gentle tickles its whiskers provide, adds a touch of everyday joy to the royal family's life. This delightful detail offers a glimpse into the personal lives of the royals, showcasing the simple pleasures that bond a family together.

Queen Elizabeth II, famously known for her love of corgis, has been surrounded by these loyal companions since childhood. A landmark moment came on her 18th birthday when she received a corgi named Susan from her father, King George VI. This event marked the beginning of a royal lineage, with every corgi in the palace (spanning more than three decades) being a direct descendant of Susan. This enduring legacy has not only made the corgis synonymous with the Queen’s image but also celebrated, as seen on the iconic Vanity Fair cover featuring the Queen with her beloved dogs.

From a tender age, Queen Elizabeth II has shared an inseparable bond with her dogs. Following the passing of her last Pembroke Welsh Corgi in 2018 and reflecting on her advancing years, the Queen made a heartfelt decision to no longer breed corgis. However, the legacy of these cherished companions continued when she adopted a corgi from her late gamekeeper, a pet she has been seen walking in the recent years.

Moreover, the Queen's fondness for dogs extends to the Dorgi, a delightful crossbreed between a Dachshund and a Corgi. These royal canines enjoy the luxury of their own quarters and are catered to by a dedicated chef. Yet, in a display of her deep affection, Queen Elizabeth personally takes charge of feeding them at 5 PM every day, followed by a leisurely walk. This enduring love story between the Queen and her dogs not only highlights her commitment to their well-being but also showcases the special place these pets hold in her heart.

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