Quality breeders for quality kittens! Learn how to select the best British Shorthair breeder

Quality breeders for quality kittens! Learn how to select the best British Shorthair breeder

British Horsehair aren't just your typical kittens; they are loyal friends that will paint your days with affection and joy. Unearth the unique persona that crowns the British Shorthair; the quintessential pet for you. From their tranquil temperament to their jovial antics, each attribute marks them as exceptionally special and unparalleled.


As a busy professional and dedicated family member, we know you desire a pet that's low-maintenance yet affectionate. British Short Hair, with their easygoing nature and independent spirit, are the perfect match! These kittens not only adore the company of children but also respect your need for space during a long day of work.


Isn't it time to introduce a new family member who's adorable, low-maintenance, and absolutely brimming with love? Experience the joy of bringing home a British Short Hair kitten and discover a special bond that lasts a lifetime.


With their plush, dense coat, they're like living, breathing works of art that add an extra dash of elegance to your home. And their robust health means fewer visits to the vet, saving you time and worry.

Why Choose a British Short Hair?

Laid-Back Personality: They're renowned for their calm demeanour, making them perfect companions in a bustling family like yours.

Kid-Friendly: British Short Hairs love playtime with kids, ensuring your little ones are always entertained.

Low Maintenance: They're self-sufficient and don't demand constant attention, leaving you free to focus on your busy schedule.

Long Lifespan: With proper care, British Short Hairs can accompany your family for 15-20 joy-filled years.


British Shorthair cats come in a wide variety of colour and patterns. They are most famously known for their "British Blue" variety, which sports a dense blue-grey coat. However, there are over 100 colour and pattern variations recognized by cat registries.

British Shorthair cats


  • Solid Colour: These include black, white, red (also known as ginger or orange), cream, cinnamon, and fawn. Each colour can come in various shades.
  • Tortoiseshell: This type mixes black with red, cream, or cinnamon in a mottled pattern. It can also come in a 'dilute' version, where the colour are softer, like blue and cream.
  • Counterpoint: Similar to Siamese cats, these British Shorthair have a lighter body with darker (contrasting) colour on their ears, face, paws, and tail.
  • Tabby Patterns: This includes classic (swirled), mackerel (striped), spotted, and ticked tabby patterns. They can come in a variety of colour.


  • Bicolour and Tricolour: These cats are white plus one or more colour. Bicolour cats are typically one colour and white, while tricolour (or calico) cats have patches of three colours.
  • Shaded and Tipped: These British Shorthairs have a base coat of one colour with just the tips of their fur in another colour, giving them a 'shaded' or 'tipped' appearance. These can include chinch illa (silver or gold with black tips) and shaded silver or golden varieties.


Remember, regardless of their colour or pattern, all British Shorthair cats share the same chunky body type, round face, and plush double coat, which gives them their teddy bear-like appearance.


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