How to Choose the Right Cat Scratcher for your Feline Friend?

How to Choose the Right Cat Scratcher for your Feline Friend?

Cat scratchers can be frustrating and expensive to choose. It is possible that you will end up spending a lot of money on several cat scratchers that your cat will barely notice and won't even bother scratching. However, when it comes to choosing the right scratching post for your cat, a little knowledge always goes a long way.

Cats love tall scratching posts, allowing them to extend fully while scratching. Consequently, your cat can stretch out his/her back and shoulders and pull those muscles, which is important for their health and flexibility.

Find out how to pick the right cat scratcher for your feline friend by following these steps:

1) Choose the Right Material:

 Unlike carpet, cats do not enjoy scratching materials that catch and pull on their claws. Their favorite scratching surface is rough without any material that can catch a claw but makes a nice sound and visible scratch to mark their territory. The best scratching materials for cats are sisal fabric and heavy corrugated cardboard.

2) Its Sturdiness: 

Cat scratchers often move or topple over when cats use them. Therefore, you need a scratcher your pet can use to reach out, stretch, and scratch. Add screws at the base to tighten it. If your scratcher slides across the floor easily, you can use non-skid carpet padding or a yoga mat under it.

3) Right Height:

 It is common for cats to scratch in a variety of positions. As a result, they get a good stretch throughout their bodies. In addition to scratching high, they like to hunker down and scratch hidden areas. Multi-plane scratching posts are great for cats because they provide them with multiple scratching surfaces.

4) Short or Long:

 Cat parents often buy cat scratching posts or cat scratching pads that are too short or too small for their pets. Larger ones are better for cats since they can reach up and stretch a fair amount. Wider is also better for horizontal scratchers. The majority of adult cats will want something fairly stable to walk on.

5) Types of Cat Scratchers:

  •     Scratching posts are probably the most popular type of cat scratcher, and they are also the most common. The bases of these scratchers are typically more than 12 inches square. 
  •     Scratching towersare large versions of scratching posts. Multiple platforms serve as resting platforms on these scratchers, which are often much larger.
  •     Vertical scratchersuse cardboard as a scratching material and hang it on the wall like signs. 
  •     A flat scratcher or horizontal scratcheris similar to the last type, but it lies flat on the floor.

6) Design:

 Some scratchers are simply rope or cardboard taped to a wall or door, while others have steps, ledges, and hiding places. Again, your cat's needs should be taken into consideration when choosing a design. For example, a compact design that doesn't take up too much space might be ideal for a small apartment.

Final Thoughts:

Does your cat love to scratch? If so, you should buy them a good cat scratcher. A quality scratcher will save your furniture and curtains from being scratched and keep your cat happy and its claws healthy.

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